Android smartphones have become really powerful over the years but a rooted Android smartphone is 10 times more powerful than a normal one. There are dozens of rooting applications available on the internet which allows you to root android without PC. iRoot Apk is also one of those dozens of rooting apps available. In this article, we will share everything related to iRoot apk download, its features and much more. 

What is iRoot Apk?

iRoot is a one-click Android rooting tool that is developed by the Magyun team who are also the developers of root rooting Apk. iRoot Apk provides an easy and hassle-free way to root any android smartphone in a few taps without a PC. 

The latest version of iRoot Apk supports android from 2.2 froyo to up to 4.4 KitKat. You don’t have to read hundreds of confusing articles to root your phone using iRoot Apk. Just a few taps and you are good to go. 

Download iRoot Apk

iRoot Apk is safe to use, therefore you will not face any security issues after using the app. One more advantage of iRoot Apk is that you won’t lose your important device data after rooting your device and there won’t be any need to flash TWRP or any other custom recovery to root your device. 

Features of iRoot Apk:

Every rooting app has its own features, so does iRoot Apk. We have mentioned some of the features of iRoot Apk and we would suggest you to go through its features instead of skipping to the iRoot Apk download section. 

1. Hassle-free root: With iRoot Apk, you can root your android device without any difficulties. Just a few taps and you will be granted superuser permission. This is considered the easiest method to root an android device otherwise you will have to follow up a lengthy procedure that might confuse you and end up bricking your device. 

2. Recommended apps: Rooted Android device has its own apps which can enhance the overall performance of the device and also customize it according to the user’s requirement. 

After installing iRoot Apk, you will also get a list of recommended apps that you should install in order to boost the performance of your android device.   

3. Prevents data loss: iRoot Apk doesn’t damage or deletes your device data, which means you don’t have to worry and spend hours to create a backup of your device’s data. However, we suggest you to take a full backup of your device’s data and not to trust the app blindly. 

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Should You Root Your Android Device?

This is the most common question every noob would ask before rooting his device. Well, this is a really important question and we believe that before providing iRoot Apk download link and procedure to install it, we should let the users know about the pros and cons of rooting an Android device.

Pros of Rooting:

Customization: A rooted smartphone can be customized using various third-party apps. You can even install Dolby sounds driver to enhance the sound quality. 

Custom ROM: Although not every custom ROM requires a rooted android but with root permissions, custom ROM can increase the performance of your device by 10 times. It is not necessary that your device will have a custom ROM, you can check out custom ROMs for your device at XDA Forums. 

Better battery life: A rooted device can have its battery life extended using various calibrating apps out of which Greenify is the best choice of every developer. With root permissions, Greenify can optimize your device’s battery according to your requirements. 

Lag-free experience: Various customizations and kernel editing can provide you a smoother experience. You can flash custom kernels, increase or decrease CPU usage according to your requirement and do much more amazing stuff for a lag-free experience. 

Get rid of bloat wares: Bloat wares take up a lot of space in every android device. Oh, if you don’t know what bloat wares are, it is the pre-installed apps that come with every smartphone. Nowadays manufacturers have reduced the number of bloat wares. With root permissions, you can easily get rid of bloat wares.  

Ad-free experience: A lot of apps can help you to get rid of ads, pop-ups, and redirects from apps and browsing with root permissions. 

Full device backups: This is the best thing about a rooted android device, you can take full backups. Various apps such as titanium and migrate allows you to take full device data backup which includes your app data, contacts, call logs and more.  

Cons of Rooting:

Everything has its own positive and negative aspects, so does rooting.  

Backdoors: Rooted devices are exposed to the security threat, therefore there are chances that a simple backdoor can exploit the security of your device.  

Banking apps: Most of the rooted smartphones are incapable of running banking and financing apps on their android smartphones.  

Warranty: Rooting an android device can void its warranty, if you are rooting a secondary device which has its warranty expired, you don’t have to worry. 

iRoot Apk requirements:

Before downloading iRoot Apk, make sure your device meets the following requirements. With this being said, let us see the requirements to download iroot apk.  

  • Android version 2.2 or above 
  • A Windows PC 
  • A USB Data cable 
  • Latest device USB driver software 
  • The battery level of the device should be above 70 percent. 

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iRoot Apk Download Latest Version

In this section of the post, we will be sharing the latest version of iRoot Apk. Here is a changelog of the recent version. 

  • Support added for more than 150,000 android phones. 
  • Faster root performances 
  • User interface bugs have been fixed  

Well. its time to download the application and root your Android device within a few taps. So, here is the working iRoot App which we have shared. Download the latest version of iRoot Apk from the given link and follow the steps below. 

   Download iRoot Apk

How to Root Android device using iRoot Apk?

Note: Before following any of the steps below take a complete backup of your photos, videos, download folder and everything else.

  • Download iRoot Apk latest version on your Android device.
  • Enable the developer’s mode on your device by tapping 7 times on build number.  
  • Go to the developer’s mode and enable USB debugging.  
  • This will help the app to detect your android device. 
  • Launch the iRoot app and tap on the root button to begin the process. 
  • Let the process finish up and do not disconnect your device from the PC. 
  • Once done, the app will show a successful message. 

iroot apk download

That’s it. You have now gained the root access on your Android device without using Windows PC. You will be now able to use the best root apps without any further issues.

5 Best Apps for Rooted Android Device

Well, if you managed to root your device without any issues, here are 5 best apps for a rooted device. 

1. Greenify


As mentioned above, this app is available on play store and if used correctly, can enhance the battery life of your device to the max. 

2. Migrate

migrate app

My personal favorite app to take full device backups. Migrate is available on google play store and allows you to take full device backups which include contacts, call logs and SMS. 

3. Solid Explorer

solid explorer

A root file explorer which makes life much easier with its amazing user interface and mesmerizing features. 

4. AdAway

adaway root apk

Well, the name says it all. Adaway installs host files in your device which helps in blocking all types of ads from your device. 

5. Magisk manager

magisk manager

This is the best and most recommended app that you should download. It gives you a list of various modules that can add customization to your device’s looks and performance.  

Final Words:

In this article, we have provided you a direct download of iRoot Apk and also explained the advantages and disadvantages of rooting an android device. 

Make sure you read the entire article before performing the root process. The results may or may not be successful and we are not responsible for your bricked devices.  

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