Rebranding and repackaging of Kodi repositories and add-ons are common. There are various examples of such continuation, and Specto is one of them. It is considered as the extension of Genesis plugin, and the updated version came into the market as Specto Fork Genesis. The Specto Kodi addon also became a popular alternative to Exodus after the shutdown of the later. Choosing the right Kodi add-on is important and Specto hosts a rich collection of movies, and TV shows. So if you too are thinking of installing some new Kodi add-on then you can try Specto.

So today we are going to share the complete guide to install Specto Add-on on Kodi.

What is Specto Kodi Addon?

Specto fork came into action after Genesis went offline. Mrknow, a team of developers introduced this amazing Kodi add-on packed with video add-ons featuring old and latest movies and TV shows. It is similar to the Exodus add-on in its functionality, and its automatic subtitles is one of the overlooked highlights.

One can use Specto on a regular basis due to its user-friendly interface. So if you want to move ahead of Genesis and Exodus, then Specto is an excellent choice.

How to Install Specto Addon on Kodi?

You can find the Specto Kodi addon in the SMASH Repository. You can easily install the SMASH repository, followed by the installation of Specto add-on. But before you begin with the process, make sure that the settings of the Unknown source are enabled. If not then start with this process.

Step 1- Launch your Kodi app. From the left side, click on the gear icon.

Step 2- Next open System Settings on clicking on the respective option. Then click on Add-ons option from the menu at the left side.

Step 3- On the right side, locate the Unknown Sources option. Click on the toggle bar, to enable the option.

You will be asked to confirm your action. Third-party add-ons will now be supported by your device, and you can easily install the third-party add-ons..

Now that you have enabled the Unknown Sources option, you can start the installation process. It will require you to add source from which you can get access to the Specto Kodi addon. Here is the step-by-step guide that will help you complete the process.

Step 1- Open the Kodi app. From the home screen, click on the Settings icon.

Step 2- Now open File Manager by clicking on the same. In the next window, there will be a mirrored list. Click on Add Source option.

Step 3- Next click on the None field. You will be asked to give a URL. Make sure you type the following web address in the space provided-

Step 4- Click on Ok option. Next Kodi will ask you to give the media source a suitable name. You can keep it as Kodi Stuff, or change it to something that you feel comfortable with.

Step 5- After this again click on Ok.

With this step, you have successfully added a file source based on the web. Now you need to install a zip file from the directory.

Step 6- Now click on Add-ons> Package Installer (open box icon).

Step 7- In the next window, click on Install from zip file option. And then choose the Kodi Stuff file you previously saved.

Step 8- Now look for a file named, and click on it.

Step 9- The SMASH Repository will be installed soon. You will get the notification regarding the same at the top right corner of the screen.

Now that you have installed the SMASH repository, you can go ahead with the installation of the Specto Kodi addon. Here are the next steps to complete the process.

Step 10- Again navigate back to the Home Screen. Click on Add-ons.

Step 11- And then click on the open box icon/ the Package Installer icon. Choose Install from Repository option.

Step 12- Now follow the given route- SMASH Repo> Video Add-ons> Specto Kodi Add-on.

Step 13- Finally hit the Install tab.

That’s it. Just wait for a few minutes till the Specto Kodi is installed on your device. You can now enjoy movies and TV shows for free, seamlessly.

Specto Vs Exodus

Specto Fork was released initially to compete with Kodi add-ons like Exodus and add-ons similar to the ones that host streams for various movies and TV shows for free. However, with time Exodus achieved great fame and became an all-time popular add-on. One of the major reasons behind it being the consistent hard-work of the Exodus developers that updates the add-on regularly. This resilient team thus made sure that the users do not have any problem while streaming the add-on.

On the other hand, Specto Fork lacked in the removal of bad links, and also failed to update the add-on on a regular basis. However, there are certain occasions where the add-on has proved to be successful. But still, it didn’t offer the same value s Exodus, thus being a weak competitor against Exodus.

Even though Exodus has strong features as compared to Specto Fork, the latter has more chances of survival. After the rise of Covenant, there are high chances of Exodus going down.

Wrapping Up

Some of the users don’t consider Specto Fork as a stable Kodi addon due to its inconsistent run. But one cannot agree less to the fact that no other Kodi add-on can match the features. It offers features similar to Covenant and exodus add-on, with some issues.

But as nothing is perfect in this world, we would recommend Specto Kodi Addon for free streaming of movies and TV shows. So, guys, we hope that this guide to install Specto add-on on Kodi was helpful to you. In case of any doubts and issues while installing, use the comment section.

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